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auto const ints and pointer issue

I have stumbled upon a quirk that appears to me to be
illogical. Maybe someone can help me to understand this:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sample code ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#include <stdio.h>

const int gic = 0;
const int * gcip;
int * gip;

int main(int argc, char * argv[]) {
  const int ic = 0;
  const int * cip;
  int * ip;
  cip = &ic;
  ip = (int *)cip;
  *ip = 5;
  printf("const int ic = %d   *cip = %d   *ip = %d\n", ic, *cip, *ip);
  printf("&ic = %p    cip = %p    ip = %p\n", &ic, cip, ip);
  gcip = &gic;
  gip = (int *)gcip;
#if 0
  *gip = 5;
  printf("global const int gic = %d   *gcip = %d   *gip = %d\n",
    gic, *gcip, *gip);
  printf("&gic = %p   gcip = %p   gip = %p\n", &gic, gcip, gip);
  return 0;
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ output ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
$ const_ints 
const int ic = 0   *cip = 5   *ip = 5
&ic = 0xbfbd72a0    cip = 0xbfbd72a0    ip = 0xbfbd72a0

The global variable code would segfault, as I expected. But the
auto variable code gives this illogical result. I would appreciate
comments. I am not on this list, so please ensure I am cc'd with
any responses. I'll be happy to file a bug, if it is a bug.

 Karen Shaeffer
 Neuralscape, Palo Alto, Ca. 94306

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