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Thread safety annotations and analysis in GCC


We have been working on creating program annotations for C/C++ (in GCC
attributes) to help developers document locks and how they need to be
used to safely read and write shared variables in multi-threaded code.
We've also implemented a new GCC pass that uses the annotations to
identify and warn about the issues that could potentially result in
race conditions and deadlocks. Here is the design doc for the proposed

Attached please find also find the patch file that contains the
initial implementation of the annotations and analysis.

Please let me know if you have any feedback/comments/questions on the
proposed annotations and the GCC implementation. We will be creating a
public branch for people who are interested to start contributing to
the project (before the patch is accepted and checked into the trunk).
We will send out another email once the public branch is created.


Le-Chun Wu

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