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Re: How to understand gcc source code?

Aaron Gray wrote:
* what is the proportion of cross-compilation? I have no real clue. I would suppose that during all the GCC runs in the last month, only a minority was cross-compilation (for some embedded systems). Of these, what are the favorite target machines & systems. I really don't know this one (maybe ARM or PowerPC32?).
Don't forget all the Linux based routers like OpenWRT and Netgear devices that are cross compiled using GCC. GCC+Linux is very scalable !

Aren't they often ARM boards running Linux? But usually, you cross compile (on Linux/x86 or AMD64, towards target Linux/ARM or whatever)...

I'm more interested in figures from the GCC user perspective. A device with some embedded Linux, even if sold in the millions, has its software probably compiled only a few times for the last release (and perhaps a thousand times for its entire development). Linux based routers could not run the GCC compiler (inside the router)!

Thinking about embedded code, it is interesting to note that the great
majority of VxWorks embedded applications, and all Lynuxworks (LynxOS) embedded applications are compiled using GCC. So for example, the
majority of the critical code on the Boeing 787 is compiled using
GCC (in a mixture of Ada, C, and C++). This is just one of literally
tens of thousands of examples of commercial embedded applications
using GCC. So yes, GCC gets plenty of use in the embedded space.

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