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Re: How to understand gcc source code?

Aaron Gray wrote:
* what is the proportion of cross-compilation? I have no real clue. I would suppose that during all the GCC runs in the last month, only a minority was cross-compilation (for some embedded systems). Of these, what are the favorite target machines & systems. I really don't know this one (maybe ARM or PowerPC32?).

Don't forget all the Linux based routers like OpenWRT and Netgear devices that are cross compiled using GCC. GCC+Linux is very scalable !

Aren't they often ARM boards running Linux? But usually, you cross compile (on Linux/x86 or AMD64, towards target Linux/ARM or whatever)...

I'm more interested in figures from the GCC user perspective. A device with some embedded Linux, even if sold in the millions, has its software probably compiled only a few times for the last release (and perhaps a thousand times for its entire development). Linux based routers could not run the GCC compiler (inside the router)!

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