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Re: Official GCC git repository

On Thu, 2008-03-13 at 13:35 -0400, Daniel Berlin wrote:
> If by "really weird" you mean "nobody has any real complaints about
> the way it works and are happy it is close to what they were using
> before", then yes, they are using something "really weird".

To be honest, I find it weird that Subversion even exists. Precisely
because it _is_ so close to what people were using before, as you point
out. I've never really understood why anyone would bother to change from
CVS to SVN -- it just seems to be part of the 'one VCS per project'

At least with distributed version control systems, you get a real
benefit and not just change for the sake of it. But again there seems to
be a multitude of contenders because everyone wants to write their own,
rather than settling on one.

I've mostly given up on learning to use different version control
systems. Subversion was the last one I tried, and as soon as I stopped
banging my head against the wall, I just gave up on the project I was
trying to work on and did something else instead. There's plenty of
projects out there which need contributors and which _don't_ make life
harder for developers by requiring them to learn some new and
pointlessly different VCS. 

Later I learned about git-svn and just starting mirroring stuff from all
kinds of other VCSs into git, and life got a whole lot easier.


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