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Re: RFC: adding knowledge of the int_fastN_t types to the compiler

On Thu, 13 Mar 2008, FX Coudert wrote:

> Fortran requires that a negative value be returned if the "int_fastN_t type
> isn't defined in the companion C compiler" (quoting from memory). Thus, of the
> three cases:

The "fast" and "least" types for 8, 16, 32, 64 are always present, 
according to C99; only the exact-width types may not be present (and 
intptr_t/uintptr_t), if there is no type with those properties.

>  1. on targets that do have int_fastN_t types defined, we register the
> information in the compiler (for Fortran, but maybe other uses) but don't
> override stdint.h

There are targets with at least some of the types in <inttypes.h> but no 
<stdint.h>, e.g. some Solaris versions; clearly we should provide stdint.h 

We can have appropriate C testcases that at least make sure that the 
compiler's internal definitions are consistent with those from <stdint.h> 
and <inttypes.h> and with the macros defined for limits and constants.  
These would show up buggy system <stdint.h> for fixincluding on targets 
where we don't install our own.

Joseph S. Myers

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