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Re: RFC: adding knowledge of the int_fastN_t types to the compiler

On Thu, 13 Mar 2008, FX Coudert wrote:

> > Note that the size is not enough for implementing <stdint.h>, you need the
> > actual type as well to get C++ mangling right.  So I suggest using
> > type-name strings as is done for the other standard typedefs
> That raises a question: darwin has, for example, in its system headers:
> typedef signed char           int8_t;
> [...]
> /* Fastest-width integer types */
> typedef int8_t            int_fast8_t;
> typedef int16_t          int_fast16_t;
> To do the right thing, do I have to #define INT_FAST8_TYPE in darwin.h to be
> "int8_t", or "signed char"? I'd go for the second, but as I know nothing about
> C++, I'd like to be sure :)

Typedefs are always just another name for the same type, so "signed char".  
tm.texi's description of SIZE_TYPE describes the format of strings used 
for the type names.  (Perhaps enums would be better than strings with 
particular forms of the C type names, but that's a completely independent 

Joseph S. Myers

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