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Re: Possible GCC 4.3 driver regression caused by your patch

Greg Schafer wrote:
Hi Carlos and Mark,

Your "Relocated compiler should not look in $prefix" patch here:

appears to have caused a regression in my GCC 4.3 testing.

In summary, there is a small window *during the GCC build itself* where GCC
does not pick up the correct startfiles. For example, when GCC_FOR_TARGET is
called to build the target libraries, the startfiles in $prefix/lib are not
used. Instead, the startfiles from the host's /usr/lib are used which breaks
my build. Note that the problem seems to rectify itself once the just-built
GCC is installed into $prefix.

Here's the scenario:

 - Native build
 - i686-pc-linux-gnu
 - --prefix=/temptools
 - Glibc already installed in /temptools/lib

What options did you use to configure the compiler? Could you double check your host system is actually i686-pc-linux-gnu? When you say "breaks my build", what error are you seeing?

Carlos O'Donell
(650) 331-3385 x716

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