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GCC 4.2.3 Status Report (2008-01-21)


The 4.2 branch is in regression-only mode.  Since it has been more
than two months since the last release, I propose to prepare 4.2.3-rc1
on Friday 25 January, with either rc2 or the final release on Friday 1
February.  Therefore, the branch will go into slush (all changes must
be approved by an RM) at 18:00 UTC on Friday, until the release is

Quality Data

Priority	  #	Change from Last Report
--------	---	-----------------------
P1		 30     n/a
P2		116	n/a
P3		 25	n/a
--------	---	-----------------------
Total		171	n/a


As this is a branch from which releases have already been made, the
absolute number of regressions is not a primary concern; the aim is
that upgrading from earlier 4.2 releases should be safe.  I have
reviewed the (P1/P2/P3) regressions not marked as in 4.1 and do not
see any signs that any are regressions relative to previous 4.2.x
releases.  If you believe a bug is a regression relative to a previous
4.2.x release and should block 4.2.3 on those grounds, please CC me on
the bug and explain your concerns.

Backports of regression fixes from trunk are of course encouraged, but
any that miss the cut-off for 4.2.3 can go in 4.2.4 or later
releases.  Releases should continue at two-month intervals as long as
an RM wishes to make them.

If a regression has been fixed on trunk, but you (as the fixer or the
maintainer of the relevant part of the compiler) do not consider the
bug safe to fix on release branches (including the possibility of a
more conservative fix than the one on trunk), you may wish to close
the bug, making sure in the process that the target milestone is set
to 4.3.0 to indicate the version in which the bug was fixed.

Previous Report

Joseph S. Myers

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