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Re: Status of the DLX backend for GCC?

On Sun, 2007-12-30 at 10:16 +0100, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
> At we have a reference
> to the DLX port of GCC, which corresponds to the DLX machine described
> in "Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach" by Hennessy and 
> Patterson.
> Sadly, the link to 
> doesn't work and I failed to find a replacement page.  Any pointers?
> On the binutils side I see that Nikolaos has been listed as a maintainer, 
> so there may be hope? :-)  Otherwise I'm afraid we'll have to remove our
> reference to the DLX port.
> Gerald

Hi Gerald,

What is it exactly you're looking for on that page?  That web page was from
my old research group, so if there's something in particular you're looking
for, I can try poking some of the people to see whether they still have the
files.  FYI, Aaron Sawdey who now works for IBM doing performance work wrote
that GCC-DLX port.

I'll note that Matt O'keefe who was our research advisor no longer works
at the University of Minnesota so that's why the pages no longer work.


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