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Re: Status of the DLX backend for GCC?

Hi Nikolaos,

On Sun, 30 Dec 2007, wrote:
> Over the previous years, I had downloaded and used both a really archaic 
> gcc-1.09 DLX backend as well as the one you refer too. They are both in 
> a sad state of affairs, but the gcc- (AFAICR) was usable.

do you have a working download location for the latter?  Right now, has a broken link
and I'd like to address this if possible.

> I coded my own DLX backend for GCC. I developed it around 
> September-October 2006, first for the 3.3.1 release and then updated
> its state for the 3.4.4.
> [...]
> If there is interest, i can submit the backend (where exactly in the
> cvs tree?) and with the help of the community can fix the 64-bit moves 
> issue, plus add soft-floating.

I'm not able to approve a change like this (that's left to some others
here), but if you'd like to put this up for download somewhere and submit
a patch against to give
it more exposure, that would a very good first step!

For details on how to submit a patch against current GCC sources, our
page at should provide a good overview.


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