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Re: Using crlibm as the default math library in GCC sources

Richard Sandiford wrote:
Uros Bizjak <> writes:
Forwarded is a short discussion with Mr. de Dinechin (forwarded with permission), where the possibility to import crlibm as the default gcc math library is discussed. I would like to ask members of the GCC SC for the opinion on the idea of adopting crlibm as the default math library. This way, the library can be compiled using all knowledge that gcc has about the target processor. As hinted in the attached message - autovectorization and perhaps recently introduced fixed-point infrastructure can be used effectively in the implementation of this library, as well as new AMD's FMA instructions.

That sounds like a great idea. Do you know if the SC is already
considering it? Or is it one of those cases where there needs
to be a bit more technical discussion first?

I don't have any further information from SC side. I have CC'd David in the hope that perhaps he can update us with some info.


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