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GCC 4.3.0 Status Report (2007-11-04)


* Does anyone object to turning on mapped locations by default?

* Are there any unreviewed patches that I could help to review?

Quality Data

We're still in Stage 3 for GCC 4.3.  As discussed on the GCC mailing
list, once we reach 100 open regressions, we'll enter regressions-only
mode -- but we'll not actually create a branch until we're very close
to making the GCC 4.3.0 release.

Coincidentally, we have exactly as many P1 and P2 bugs as we did at
the time of my 2007-10-26 report.  We have 30 fewer P3 bugs -- becasue
I made a pass to classify those open.  Since most of the P3s became
either P1 or P2, this does in fact mean that we made significant
progress; we've fixed about 30 P1 or P2 bugs.  The total is now 154.

We're still in the sitaution where the vast majority of the P1s are in
fact new problems in 4.3.  These are, for the most part, ICEs and
miscompilations on valid code.  We really need to get these issues
closed out before we can release 4.3.

Priority	  #	Change from Last Report
-------		---	-----------------------

P1		 36	  0
P2		115	  0
P3		  3	-30
----		---	---
Total		154	-30

Previous Report

Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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