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Re: Old UTF16 patch

I haven't followed any developments relating to TR19769 in WG14 after its 
publication in detail; has WG14 yet given an answer on what should be done 
with u'C' where C represents a single character that requires a surrogate 
pair to represent in UTF-16 (to name one noted place where the TR 
underspecifies things)?

I don't think there's much worthwhile in those old patches.  Start with 
the ISO TR text, produce testcases that cover everything there and the 
desired semantics for everything the TR leaves unspecified or 
underspecified, and only once the testcases are settled work out an 
implementation for the agreed semantics.

A TR is not a standard, so for C this must be disabled in all strict 
conformance modes (note that it affects the rules for lexing and so 
changes the semantics of conforming programs); likewise for C++98.  The 
C++0x draft includes the notation from TR19769, so the feature should be 
enabled by default in C++0x (and so far as the C TR is compatible with 
C++0x, both should be followed in both C and C++ when the feature is 

Joseph S. Myers

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