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Extending jumps after block reordering

+++ Ian Lance Taylor [06/07/07 09:16 -0700]:
> shorten_branches should work correctly--you shouldn't need to do
> anything special.  My only guess is that there is something wrong with
> the way you are reordering the blocks.  For example, perhaps you are
> simply reordering the CFG without reordering the insn chain.  Note
> that shorten_branches is not (yet) CFG aware.  It simply walks the
> insn chain.
> I think that should work.  Although it's bb->aux, not bb->rbi->next.
> I'm not sure what bb->rbi is; which version of gcc are you using?

It's the latest one now, so I have bb->aux.

+++ Jim Wilson [09/07/07 15:36 -0700]:
> that the main call to it is
>   shorten_branches (get_insns ());
> which runs it on the entire function.  This is probably what you want.

Recap: I am reordering the basic blocks in a special manner and it seems to
be done properly, I do update the insns order after.  The problem is on PPC
some branches are too short to reach their targets which at assembly time
results in assembler errors:

Error: operand out of range (0x0000000000017ef0 is not between
  0xffffffffffff8000 and 0x0000000000007fff)

In passes.c shorten_branches() is already run AFTER my pass (which is run
just before pass_duplicate_computed_gotos).

What I believe I need to do:
a) find which branches cannot reach their destination, e.g. cond branches
with relative addr, with targets beyond the maximum distance,
b) split these branches into a cond branch to a non-cond branch, which should
have a longer target span (create a new BB w/ non-cond branch to the target
label and redirect the original branch to it)

* shorten_branches() computes sizes of instructions so I know what the
  distance is between a jump instr and its target label.  But how do I know
  what is the maximum distance each kind of branch can safely take?
  bb-reorder.c assumes that its only when cold/hot partitions are crossed it
  has to use indirect jumps, which is not the appropriate test in my case.
* do I get it right that shorten_branches() does not really modify
  instructions but it helps to shorten branches by providing more accurate
  insns lengths?



Gregory B. Prokopski       <>
Sable Research Group
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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