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ARM testsuite failures

I compile gcc trunk from two days ago on ARM (OABI, v3, Debian) for
all languages and looked at some of the testsuite failures.  I wanted
to ask whether people are aware of these issues and working on them
before I file PRs.

Testsuite results:


A number of ICEs like this one:

| gcc.c-torture/execute/20050121-1.c:33 (set (reg:HI 0 r0)
|         (subreg:HI (mem/c:CQI (plus:SI (reg/f:SI 11 fp)
|                     (const_int -24 [0xffffffe8])) [0 S2 A8]) 0)) -1 (nil))
| gcc.c-torture/execute/20050121-1.c:33: internal compiler error: in extract_insn, at recog.c:1990

Many neon testcases fail with:

| arm_neon.h: In function 'test_vdupQ_np16':
| arm_neon.h:5385: internal compiler error: in copy_to_mode_reg, at explow.c:644

None of them are reported.  Paul/Richard, are you aware of those?


A number of "execution test" test failures.  Then some output failures:

| FAIL: -O0 -W -Wall output pattern test, is 1 15 58900 157: 58901 172
| FAIL: -O2 output pattern test, is 1 15 34316 224: 34317 239
| FAIL: -O3 output pattern test, is 1 13 4 166: 5 179
| FAIL: -O3 output pattern test, is 1 15 46604 137: 46605 152
| FAIL: -Os output pattern test, is 1 15 58896 184: 58897 199

Who might be interested in taking a look?


gfortran has 7442 unexpected failures.  Most of them are due to "test for
excess errors".  Many are simply because of this:

| warning: 'const' attribute directive ignored
| warning: 'nothrow' attribute directive ignored

which seems to be mentioned in PR21185 (comment #20).  Is that problem
still on the radar of the gfortran developers?

But then we also have e.g.:

| gfortran.dg/PR19754_1.f90:7.7-12:
|    x = x + y ! { dg-error "Shapes for operands at" }
|      1    2
| Error: Shapes for operands at (1) and (2) are not conformable

for which I cannot find a PR.  Also:

| access_spec_2.f90:9.13:
|  public :: x  ! { dg-error "was already specified" }
|             1
| Error: ACCESS specification at (1) was already specified


| access_spec_2.f90:18.19:
|     integer, public :: y  ! { dg-error "Fortran 2003: Attribute PUBLIC" }
|                   1
| Error: Fortran 2003: Attribute PUBLIC at (1) in a TYPE definition

Are these known (but unreported) issues or should I file PRs for them?


There are a number of longstanding but known issue that show up on all or
most architectures:

ICE: internal compiler error: tree check: expected tree that contains 'decl
with RTL' structure, have 'field_decl' in assemble_external_real, at

ICE: tree check: expected class 'type', have 'exceptional' (error_mark)
in setup_one_parameter, at tree-inline.c:1483

Martin Michlmayr

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