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Re: GNU GCC -m32 Problem?

On 10/28/07, Kai Ruottu <> wrote:
> Joseph North wrote:
> >    I have had a problem getting my "long double" version of
> > XEphem 3.7.2 to build under Red Hat Linux Fedora 7, x86_64
> > on an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 5600+ based
> > PC.
> >    It builds OK under Red Hat Linux Fedora Core 6 on a Celeron
> > based 32-bit computer.  I could then bring the 32-bit application
> > executable to the 64-bit PC, and it worked fine also.
> >    However, I could not get it to build (using make) on the 64-bit PC,
> > even when I had specified ~ gcc -m32 . . ., using the latest GNU
> > GCC Compiler Collection (i.e., gcc-4.1.2-33.x86_64.rpm, et caetera,
> > installed).  Also, when I tried a simple C program - NO Motif at all
> > involved - I got compile error messages related to ~ stdlib.h, ~ 32 bit
> > stub missing, I seem to recall, for, I'm not at home now.
> >
> The 32-bit development libraries maybe are not installed... But at least
> that 'stdlib.h' should be common
> for both the default 64-bit and the optional 32-bit libraries, so maybe
> also the 64-bit libraries were
> not installed...
> I myself have the 32-bit Fedora7 and remember that those "C/C++
> development" things, wanted
> or not, were asked when installing...  For bare "kernel compiling" those
> C libraries are not needed.

Dear Kai:

   Thank you!
   I'll try to check into the details when I get back home, and let you know
   I thought the entire GCC suite (x86_64 version) installed OK.  I believe
I just need that suite for "-m32" to work OK.
   Tempus fugit et ad augusta per angusta.

                  Nil desparare (Gauss),

                  Joseph Roy D. North
                  Le        Roi  Du Nord
                  3220 Duval Road, Apt. 1110
                  Austin, TX 78759-3524, USA

Scientia est Potentia!

I Prefer Pi (a palindrome)!

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