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Re: Optimization of conditional access to globals: thread-unsafe?

On 10/28/07, Robert Dewar <> wrote:
> Bart Van Assche wrote:
> > My opinion is that, given the importance of multithreading, it should
> > be documented in the gcc manual which optimizations can cause trouble
> > in multithreaded software (such as (3) and (4)). It should also be
> > documented which compiler flags must be used to disable optimizations
> > that cause trouble for multithreaded software. Requiring that all
> > thread-shared variables should be declared volatile is completely
> > unacceptable.
> Why is this unacceptable .. seems much better to me than writing
> undefined stuff.

Requiring that all thread-shared variables must be declared volatile,
even those protected by calls to synchronization functions, implies
that all multithreaded code and all existing libraries have to be
changed. Functions like snprintf() write data to a buffer provided by
the caller. If all thread-shared variables should be declared
volatile, then a second version of snprintf() would be required with
volatile char* as the datatype of the first argument instead of char*.
Quite a hefty requirement if you ask me ...

Bart Van Assche.

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