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Autovectorized HIRLAM - latest results.

In August, I wrote the following about vectorized / not vectorized loops in HIRLAM

$ grep 'LOOP VECTORIZED' HL_Prepare_00.html  | wc -l
$ grep 'not vectorized' HL_Prepare_00.html  | wc -l

Yesterday, I performed a test with gcc-trunk-129472 (which is a week old, by now):

$ grep 'LOOP VECTORIZED' HL_Prepare_00.html | wc -l
$ grep 'not vectorized' HL_Prepare_00.html | wc -l

This was simply using -O3 -ffast-math on the code. Apparently a lot of progress has been made (and perhaps the combination of loop optimizations enabled by -O3 over -O2 play a role, too):

$ gcc -c -Q -O3 --help=optimizers > /tmp/O3-opts
$ gcc -c -Q -O2 --help=optimizers > /tmp/O2-opts
$ diff /tmp/O2-opts /tmp/O3-opts | grep enabled
>   -fgcse-after-reload                         [enabled]
>   -finline-functions                          [enabled]
>   -fpredictive-commoning                      [enabled]
>   -ftree-vectorize                            [enabled]
>   -funswitch-loops                            [enabled]

The timing difference is as follows:

-O3 -ffast-math:

$ grep 'FORECAST TOOK' HL_Cycle*
HL_Cycle_2006120100.html: FORECAST TOOK     6.2284 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120100.html: FORECAST TOOK  2430.0159 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120106.html: FORECAST TOOK   258.1721 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120106.html: FORECAST TOOK     6.1164 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120106.html: FORECAST TOOK   304.9590 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120112.html: FORECAST TOOK   259.7802 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120112.html: FORECAST TOOK     6.1524 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120112.html: FORECAST TOOK  2303.5320 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120112r.html: FORECAST TOOK   417.3861 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120118.html: FORECAST TOOK   259.9763 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120118.html: FORECAST TOOK     6.0764 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120118.html: FORECAST TOOK   306.5071 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120200.html: FORECAST TOOK   259.9482 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120200.html: FORECAST TOOK     6.1564 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120200.html: FORECAST TOOK  2300.3560 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120200r.html: FORECAST TOOK   414.8299 SECONDS

-O2 -ffast-math:

$ grep 'FORECAST TOOK' HL_Cycle*
HL_Cycle_2006120100.html: FORECAST TOOK     6.3244 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120100.html: FORECAST TOOK  2510.3809 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120106.html: FORECAST TOOK   268.3368 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120106.html: FORECAST TOOK     6.2484 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120106.html: FORECAST TOOK   316.4918 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120112.html: FORECAST TOOK   268.1648 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120112.html: FORECAST TOOK     6.2724 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120112.html: FORECAST TOOK  2377.2166 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120112r.html: FORECAST TOOK   432.7510 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120118.html: FORECAST TOOK   270.2049 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120118.html: FORECAST TOOK     6.2244 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120118.html: FORECAST TOOK   316.9878 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120200.html: FORECAST TOOK   268.7688 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120200.html: FORECAST TOOK     6.2924 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120200.html: FORECAST TOOK  2371.8962 SECONDS
HL_Cycle_2006120200r.html: FORECAST TOOK   432.6790 SECONDS

Roughly 3.3 %.

Kind regards,

Toon Moene - e-mail: - phone: +31 346 214290
Saturnushof 14, 3738 XG  Maartensdijk, The Netherlands
At home:
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