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GCC 4.3.0 Status Report (2007-10-25)


Are there any major unreviewed patches for 4.3 that I could help to

Quality Data

We're still in Stage 3 for GCC 4.3.  As before, I think a reasonable
target for creating the release branch is less than 100 open
regressions.  At present, we're at 184 -- and, of those, 36 are P1.
(Based on previous experience, the 33 P3s will probably turn out to be
about 2 P1s and 10 P2s.  So, 184 is a slight overstatement.)

In looking at the P1s, we're not in the situation where most of the
P1s are in fact new problems in 4.3 itself.  So, these are, for
example, ICEs on valid code that users of previous compilers would not
have experienced.  The good news is that we have more ICEs that
wrong-code cases.

I'm not sure how to estimate when we might hit the target of 100
regressions, but ... if we each fix a bug a day, we'd been done
sometime next week.  So, there shouldn't be that far to go...

Priority	#	Change from Last Report
-------		-	-----------------------

P1		36	N/A
P2		115	N/A
P3		33	N/A

Previous Report

Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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