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Re: What is a regression?

On Tue, Oct 23, 2007 at 02:20:24PM -0400, Jason Merrill wrote:
> Mark Mitchell wrote:
> >When I mark a PR as "P1", that means "This is a regression, and I think
> >it's embarrassing for us, as a community, to have this bug in a
> >release."  Unfortunately, every release goes out with P1 bugs open, so
> >we can't really call them "release blockers".  My judgment isn't always
> >great, and it's certainly not final: I'm willing for people to suggest
> >that P1s be downgraded.  I've suggested that people do that by putting a
> >note in the PR, and CC'ing me.
> OK, thanks for clarifying that.  Are the P1s the only thing you consider 
>  when deciding whether or not to make a release?
> >I agree that PR32252 (the example given by Jason) should not be P1.
> >I've downgraded it to P2.  (P2 means "regression users will notice on a
> >major platform, but not P1".  P3 means "not yet looked at".  Things like
> >ICE-after-valid-error are marked P4.  Things utterly outside the release
> >criteria are P5.)
> How do non-regressions fit into this scheme?

I would like to see more attention paid to wrong-code bugs that aren't
marked as "regression".  Doesn't mean they should necessarily be P1, but
we tend to ignore them.

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