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Fwd: [Announcing OpenMP 3.0 draft for public comment]

For those interested in OpenMP.


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From: Meadows, Lawrence F <lawrence.f.meadows at>
Date: Sun Oct 21 19:12:10 PDT 2007
Subject: [Omp] Announcing OpenMP 3.0 draft for public comment

21 October 2007

The OpenMP ARB is pleased to announce the release of a draft of Version
3.0 of the OpenMP specification for public comment. This is the first
update to the OpenMP specification since 2005.

This release adds several new features to the OpenMP specification,
*	Tasking: move beyond loops with generalized tasks and support
complex and dynamic control flows.

*	Loop collapse: combine nested loops automatically to expose more

*	Enhanced loop schedules: Support aggressive compiler
optimizations of loop schedules and give programmers better runtime
control over the kind of schedule used.

*	Nested parallelism support: better definition of and control
over nested parallel regions, and new API routines to determine nesting

Larry Meadows, CEO of the OpenMP organization, states: "The creation of
OpenMP 3.0 has taken very hard work by a number of people over more than
two years. The introduction of a unified tasking model, allowing
creation and execution of unstructured work, is a great step forward for
OpenMP. It should allow the use of OpenMP on whole new classes of
computing problems."

The draft specification is available in PDF format from the
Specifications section of the OpenMP ARB website:

(Direct link:

Mark Bull has led the effort to expand the applicability of OpenMP while
improving it for its current uses as the Chair of the OpenMP Language
Committee. He states: "The OpenMP language committee has done a fine job
in producing this latest version of OpenMP.  It has been difficult to
resolve some tricky details and understand how tasks should propagate
across the language.  But I think we have come up with solid solutions,
and the team should be proud of their accomplishment."

The ARB warmly welcomes any comments, corrections and suggestions you
have for Version 3.0. For Version 3.0, we are soliciting comments
through an on-line forum, located at The
forum is entitled Draft 3.0 Public Comment. You can also send email to
feedback at if you would rather not use the forum. It is most
helpful if you can refer to the page number and line number where

The public comment period will close on 31 January 2008

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