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Re: From SSA back to GIMPLE.

2007/10/22, David Edelsohn <> wrote:
> >>>>> J C Pizarro writes:
> JC> In the future, GCC will no be the best compiler, the best compiler
> JC> could be a powerful compiler with inferences's machines, learning
> JC> machines, logic machines, etc where the men don't think in the
> JC> specific algorithms.
>         There are a few research efforts that wish to experiment with
> some of these technique, using GCC as a base.
> David

IMHO, in the future, GCC as a base an experimal compiler IS NOT good
because of enormeous complexities to design this optimizing compiler.

My reasons to select a good base are:

* the programming language to develop a complex optimizing compiler
MUST TO be high-level, more declarative than machine-imperative, OO,
GC'ed, polymorphic and easier to interact with A.I. agents (e.g. ala
ants colonies) to go storing better rules in the databases (to reuse
them later).

* the C programming language that is used to develop GCC is not
following above these principles.

   J.C. Pizarro

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