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Re: Problem with too many virtual operands ( tree-ssa-operands.c:484)

Pranav Bhandarkar wrote:
In the attached testcase due to an ivopts modification, while
rewriting the uses the compiler crashes in tree-ssa-operands.c because
the number of virtual operands of the modified stmt is much greater
than the thresholds controlled by OP_SIZE_{1,2,3} in

I went through

and it seemed to me that these values (OP_SIZE etc) have been quite
experimentally set. I am wondering If these values should be

They are 'experimental', but the reason is to catch cases like this to examine. MEM-SSA was suppose to eliminate excessively large numbers of virtual operands. I haven't had a chance to look at this yet, perhaps Diego will get a chance before I do since I'm traveling and tied up the rest of this week.

If it turns out there isn't something mem-ssa should be doing differently for this case to reduce the number of operands, we can either increase the thresholds, or add a 4th one for these excessive cases. Im hoping there is a different solution since large numbers of virtuals cause lots of compile time issues. I believe the previous times we've triggered this (Its been a while), we made changes to the virtual operand processing to resolve it and save memory/compile time.


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