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Re: How do I upgrade gcc/g++ on a Mac

Gordon Prieur wrote:
We have 2 different Macs, both running 10.4 OS but different builds of the
same versions of gcc/g++/gdb. With the older set of tools we see gdb failures
debugging some C++ applications (faulty line table information). Debugging
the same program on with the later builds, works fine. We've tried the automatic
update service on the Mac but it doesn't update either g++ or gdb.

Is there a way to get the latest gcc/g++/gdb on a Mac? We're not interested
in hearing that we should upgrade to Leopard (we plan to:-) because we're
more interested in what we can tell our customers than how anything else. We
provide a gdb-based C/C++ debugger in NetBeans 6.0 and this Mac bug makes
our debugger fail. If we could tell customers how to upgrade their compilers
then that would resolve the issue.

This is kind of off-topic on this list, but anyway. I'd update Xcode, which provides the tools you're mentioning. You'll get it from Apple.
Maybe you have to register, don't know.
Actual release for 10.4.10 is 2.4.1.


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