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Re: How to run testsuite without building a complier

On 10/8/07, Ben Elliston <> wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-10-05 at 16:09 +0530, Mohamed Shafi wrote:
> > > Use the contrib/test_installed script.
> > I used the script and even tried to execute the runtest command
> > directly but the framework is not picking up the simulator for my
> > target.
> > If i run the testsuite using make check-gcc command from the build
> > directory everything is fine. What could be the problem?
> I'm not certain what the real problem is, but one thing you can do to
> fix the problem is to pass the name of your target board (to use the
> simulator) to test_installed:
> # The script will interpret arguments until it finds one it does not
> # understand.  The remaining ones will be passed to `runtest'.  A
> # double-dash can be used to explicitly separate the arguments to
> # `test_installed' from the ones to `runtest'.
> So, pass --target_board <mytarget> to test_installed and it should work.
> Ben

I was able to run the test suite with the following details..

set target_triplet "target-company-os"
set target_alias "target-os"
set target_board "target-sim"
set GCC_UNDER_TEST "target-os-gcc"
set tool "gcc"

The contrib/test_installed script doesn't ask for target_triplet and
and the help screen of runtest doesn't say anything about target_alias.
I invoked the runtest command directly, but the script pointed me in
the right direction.
I think may be the script should be modified to include these
details.. at-least target_alias.


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