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Re: September entry on mailing list pages broken

On Tue, 2 Oct 2007, Volker Reichelt wrote:
> the starting pages for the mailing lists like
>  or
> are broken. To be more precise, the entry generated for September is
> corrupted: It shows a strange size, and the link points to a wrong location.
>   * October, 2007
>   * September, 2007 [mbox-formatted archive (/pub/gcc/mail-archives bytes)]
>   * August, 2007 [mbox-formatted archive (510.0 Kbytes)]
>   * July, 2007 [mbox-formatted archive (783.5 Kbytes)]
>   [etc.]
> Can anybody fix this?

These mbox archives where removed around September 24th while I was gone 
for a few days.  This left behind around 3200 broken links like the ones
you reported, and I hope I've now been able to take care of all of them.

Thanks for the report!

(Personally I also used those archives now and then, but it seems we've
got complaints from third parties about these being fodder for spammers
and also taking resources in terms of bandwidth and disk for mirrors.)


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