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Need help for a net target


For my diploma thesis I have to implement a new back-end for GCC.
The microcontroller is based on an FPGA and was developed one year ago. Only an Assembler is available and now my university lecturer wants an C compiler too. I decided to use GCC in version 4.2.1 as basis for the new compiler.

I started with an new target, defined the mandatory target macros and implemented the instruction patterns.

After i few tries i was able to compile my first file. Now I try to make the optimization working, but there is a problem i can not solve.
Compiling the following code with activated optimization comes up with an error message.

#define RAM_ADDRESS 0 #define SERIAL_OFFSET 800

void ReadSerialNumber(void) {
int SerialNumber, c;
char *s;
SerialNumber = 0; s = (char*)(RAM_ADDRESS + SERIAL_OFFSET);
while ((c = *s - '0') <= 9){ SerialNumber = 10*SerialNumber + c; s++; }

 // ...

test.c: In function 'ReadSerialNumber':
test.c:40: internal compiler error: in create_mem_ref, at tree-ssa-address.c:677
Please submit a full bug report,

adding an volatile

volatile char *s;

fixes it but I think the real problem is somewhere else.

thanks for you help

best regards
Michael Fogel

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