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Re: Creating gcc-newbies mailing list. Too many mailinglists? Unified mailing list?

On 26 Jul 2007, Andrew Pinski <pinskia at gmail dot com> wrote:
| On 7/26/07, Diego Novillo <> wrote:
| > >I would like to propose the creation a new mailing list:
| > >
| > >
| > >The purpose of this list is to attract and help new GCC developers who
| > >might feel lost and intimidated by the more arcane traffic at gcc and
| > >gcc-patches.  In this list, no question regarding GCC development should
| > >be considered offtopic nor treated with "RTFM" responses.
| On Thu, Jul 26, 2007 at 02:05:50PM -0700, Andrew Pinski wrote:
| > I think this is the wrong aproach.  I have not seen any  "RTFM"
| > response for questions of developing of GCC on the gcc@ list.
| Agreed.  Also, I think that the charter that Diego describes sounds a
| lot like the charter for gcc-help.  And since everyone will read
| "GCC development" as "development using GCC as the compiler" it would
| quickly become a general Linux/BSD/Unix/GNU tools questions list.
| What would go to gcc-help, and what to gcc-newbies?  I think it's
| good enough what we have now.  Also, I don't see the point in tossing
| junior or beginner gcc developers off of the main list.
I think that when we do steer someone to a different list, we could
| take more care to be polite about it than we sometimes are.

Other candidates:
gcc-for-users@ ( i dislike java-for-users@, fortran-for-users@, ... )
gcc-hacks@ <- why not?

Have we too many mailing lists?

The users don't want to join and detach to many mailing lists to post
only a message once by week or month. He wants to post quickly,
not to post slowly more than 10 minutes.

Why can't we have a unified mailing list using javascript in instead of

Join once, but post the message to the corresponding e-mail of the
unified mailing list.

Sincerely :)

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