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Re: Creating gcc-newbies mailing list wrote:
Since I have been around no more than one year, perhaps my perspective
could have some interest for the discussion.

Just an example. There are people that post patches in bugzilla and
they seem interested in getting them integrated but normally they
break coding style or don't have changelog or didn't even run the
testsuite. Of course, the easiest answer is to point to the "how to
contribute" webpage. I have done it too. But I must admit that it is a
poor answer. When I started, I couldn't bring myself to read all that
was required to post a proper patch. Fortunately for me, Ian had a lot
of patience to mentor me and some folks were so kind to teach me how
to submit a proper patch. However, I don't think that is the typical

No, it isn't. I have been around long enough to know that it frequently takes several years for a patch posted on bugzilla to be evaluated. Of course, it is stale long before then, and has to be reformulated anyway to make it work. So, there doesn't seem much point in an infrequent contributor posting a ready-to-go patch. Often, there are several ways to fix a problem, and it's not at all clear which if any would be accepted.

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