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Re: GCC 4.2.1 Status Report (2007-07-10)

On 7/11/07, Mark Mitchell <> wrote:

Summary -------

The next scheduled GCC 4.2.x release is GCC 4.2.1 on July 13th.

As of 5PM PDT tomorrow, please consider the 4.2 branch closed to all
changes.  If you have outstanding changes that have been approved, but
not committed, make the commits before that time.  I plan to build GCC
4.2.1 RC2 tomorrow evening.

I will probably wait until a few days after the 13th to build the
final release, in order to make sure that people have had a chance to
test out RC2.

We still have 3 wrong-code P1s:

PR 32182 -fstrict-aliasing ...

This is not analyzed enough to know whether it's something i should look at, or the C++ FE people should look at. IE Nobody has pointed out what is actually going wrong here, so i don't know whether it's aliasing or what :)

PR 32327 Incorrect stack sharing...

PR 32328 -fstrict-aliasing ...

This i have a patch for, but it really needs some performance testing. I'm happy to throw it in RC2 if you want to see how it does, with the caveat it may need to be pulled back out if it causes massive performance regressions :)

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