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Re: AMD64 ABI compatibility

> > Windows and GCC ABIs are on x86-64 more different than that (they was
> > historically developed in parallel). GCC 4.3 will support attribute for
> > this calling convention contributed by Kai Tiez and Richard Henderson,
> > but before that there is not much to do...
> Note: My name is Kai Tietz ;) not Tiez
> I think, it isn't to hard introducing this attributes to the AMD64 abi's. 
> What names should we use for it? I suggest "x86_64_ms" and "x86_64_linux". 

For code bridging MS and GNU codebases (such as wine, or lets say, GNU
runtime in windows if it ends up with non-MS calling convetions).
Then you want to use the attributes to call code from foreign world.

x86_64_linux is probably not very exact - we intended the ABI to be
generally useful for non-linux or non-GNU system (i.e. specified as
System V Application Binary Interface AMD64 Architecture Processor
Supplement with GCC as reference implementation).  I believe Sparc and
other unixes are more or less following it too.

For MS I would probably suggest ms_abi (it makes it cleaner that the
attribute is affecting calling convetion). For our abi I am not sure, we
can sysv_abi or something else...

Sorry for the typo in your name!
> Is this ok for you.
> Cheers,
>  i.A. Kai Tietz
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