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Re; Maintaining, was: Re: Reduce Dwarf Debug Size

On 3/1/07, Mike Stump <> wrote:
To steal an idea from llvm, if we permit post checkin review for
people that submit 100 good patches, would the wheels fall off the
bus?  It seems to work for them, is there some reason why it couldn't
for us?  Would it be more efficient and led to happier and more
productive employees, oops, I mean contributors or less happiness and
more inefficiencies?

100 good patches != good knowledge in one area. Also I think I already submitted 100 good patches but every once in a while I submit a bad one though I think it is good to begin with.

100 good patches in one area might be a better schem, even then  small
(one-4 liners) patches still should not count because it just means
you can understand the code for that moment.

Also I think GCC is doing the correct thing right now with respect of
approving patches.  Yes in the past we were not as good but now we
have corrected those mistakes.

Andrew Pinski

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