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GCC 4.1.2 Status Report

[Danny, Richard G., please see below.]

Thanks to all who have helped tested GCC 4.1.2 RC1 over the last week.

I've reviewed the list traffic and Bugzilla.  Sadly, there are a fair
number of bugs.  Fortunately, most seem not to be new in 4.1.2, and
therefore I don't consider them showstoppers.

The following issues seem to be the 4.1.1 regressions:

PR 28743 is only an ICE-on-invalid, so I'm not terribly concerned.

Daniel, 30088 is another aliasing problem.  IIIRC, you've in the past
said that these were (a) hard to fix, and (b) uncommon.  Is this the
same problem?  If so, do you still feel that (b) is true?  I'm
suspicious, and I am afraid that we need to look for a conservative hack.

Richard, 30370 has a patch, but David is concerned that we test it on
older GNU/Linux distributions, and suggested SLES9.  Would you be able
to test that?

Richard, 29487 is an issue raised on HP-UX 10.10, but I'm concerned that
it may reflect a bad decision about optimization of C++ functions that
don't throw exceptions.  Would you please comment?

I'm not sure yet as to whether we will do an RC2, or not; I will make
that decision after getting the answers to the issues above.


Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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