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Re: segmentation fault in building __floatdisf.o

"kernel coder" <> writes:

>    Thanks for your explaination.I just figured out the
> problem.actually  a pattern named "bgtu" was generated by gcc and in
> my backend ,i defined all branch patterns except bgtu.So when gcc
> tried to match "bgtu" pattern ,it could not find it and generated
> above mentioned error.Now i have defined that pattern and it is
> compiling without any error.

It should not have gotten a segmentation fault in that case.
Something odd is still happening.

> It was by luck that i figured out that "bgtu" was missing.Would you
> please tell me how can i figure out that gcc is trying to match which
> pattern.Where in gcc code ,patterns are being matched to those in
> backend files.

Matching RTL against the patterns defined in the MD file is done in
the function recog.  This is a generated function and can be found in
insn-recog.c in your build directory.  Looking at the function is
unlikely to be helpful, but looking at calls to recog (there are lots
of them) may help.


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