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Re: MyGCC and whole program static analysis

As some few people might already know, the GGCC (globalgcc) project is
just starting (partly funded within the ITEA framework by french,
spanish, swedish public money) - its kick off meeting is next week in

GGCC aims to provide a (GPL opensource) extension to GCC for program
wide static analysis (& optimisations) and coding rules
validation. But this mail is not a formal announcement of it...

I am also extremely interested in the LTO framework, in particular
their persistence of GIMPLE trees. Could LTO people explain (if
possible) if their framework is extensible (to some new Gimple nodes)
and usable in some other setting (for example, storing program wide
static analysis partial results, perhaps in a "project" related
database or file).

This is one of the goals of LTO.

To steer this thread onto another topic, if you ever plan on getting
your "globalgcc" changes back into gcc proper, I highly suggest you do
your design and implementation discussions on gcc's mailing lists, and
coordinate with GCC people who work in those areas.  GCC itself is
gearing up to start doing program wide analysis and optimization, and
I guarantee you that if you guys go off and do it on your own in
seclusion you will
1. duplicate work
2. make it incredibly hard to get your work back into gcc.

Of course, if getting work into gcc is not a goal of globalgcc, than
by all means, ...

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