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Re: How to tag frontend-specific types?

Laurynas Biveinis wrote:
> Hi all,
> (Daniel, now that SoC is over, I guess this is the last my email with
> CC: to you, unless you prefer otherwise :)

Hey, just cause SoC is over doesn't mean i'm not happy to answer your
questions to the degree I can, so please, keep cc'ing me.

> I'd like to get your feedback about design of frontend-specific type
> tag infrastructure in gengtype.
> First of all, how things are done currently in WIP version:
> 1) A big enum is created for all the gengtype-recognized types in
> gtype-desc.h, regardless of the frontend they belong to.
> 2) A big array of function pointers is declared for the same set of
> types in gtype-desc.h and initialized in gtype-desc.c with
> automatically generated names for marker functions.
> 3) A new set of marker functions is generated. They are dispatched to
> the output files using the common old
> get_output_file_with_visibility() logic, i.e. frontend-specific
> functions go to the frontend-specific generated files, not
> gtype-desc.*.
> This setup is flawed: the array in gtype-dec.c is initialized using
> function pointers that do not resolve at compilation time. 

It's not clear to me why this is true, if the array is initialized with
auto-generated marker-names.
What functions do not resolve, exactly?

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