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Re: Trunk bootstrap failure on Linux/x86_64 in reload1.c

On Aug 21, 2006, at 11:59 AM, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
Trunk fails to build for me with:

Maybe related (from

2006-08-16T23:25:59Z 2006-08-17T14:40:57Z pass native 116195
2006-08-17T14:43:02Z 2006-08-17T15:38:47Z build native 116224
2006-08-17T17:16:01Z 2006-08-17T18:11:20Z build native 116228
2006-08-17T19:15:58Z 2006-08-17T20:11:18Z build native 116230
2006-08-18T00:30:59Z 2006-08-18T01:26:07Z build native 116236
2006-08-18T06:00:59Z 2006-08-18T06:56:35Z build native 116237
2006-08-18T15:45:57Z 2006-08-18T16:41:20Z build native 116241
2006-08-18T17:30:57Z 2006-08-18T18:26:18Z build native 116247
2006-08-18T19:30:56Z 2006-08-18T20:26:17Z build native 116250
2006-08-18T20:27:22Z 2006-08-18T21:22:55Z build native 116251
2006-08-19T00:30:57Z 2006-08-19T01:26:18Z build native 116256
2006-08-19T15:45:57Z 2006-08-19T16:41:03Z build native 116258
2006-08-19T21:15:56Z 2006-08-19T22:11:06Z build native 116261
2006-08-20T00:30:58Z 2006-08-20T01:26:12Z build native 116267
2006-08-20T06:00:56Z 2006-08-20T06:56:25Z build native 116268
2006-08-20T09:00:58Z 2006-08-20T09:56:06Z build native 116270
2006-08-20T09:57:19Z 2006-08-20T10:52:47Z build native 116271
2006-08-20T16:15:57Z 2006-08-20T17:11:01Z build native 116273
2006-08-20T19:00:56Z 2006-08-20T19:56:36Z build native 116274
2006-08-21T00:00:59Z 2006-08-21T00:56:30Z build native 116276
2006-08-21T00:57:30Z 2006-08-21T01:52:53Z build native 116283
2006-08-21T01:54:02Z 2006-08-21T02:49:56Z build native 116284
2006-08-21T02:51:02Z 2006-08-21T03:47:00Z build native 116285
2006-08-21T10:15:58Z 2006-08-21T11:12:00Z build native 116291
2006-08-21T12:45:58Z 2006-08-21T13:41:59Z build native 116296
2006-08-21T16:15:58Z 2006-08-21T17:12:16Z build native 116300

You should be able to update to 116195 and continue developing there if things don't improve.

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