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Re: Darwin -m64 results

     I don't believe that this warning with "-O3 -m64 -g" is
due to the fortran compiler optimizing away the storage.
If I compile...

      program test
      integer i,j
      common i
      do j = 1,100
      end do 

I still see the warning "can't find atom for N_GSYM stabs i:G(0,3)"
and I would be surprised if the storage for "i" was being optimized
away. I did one other test using the test case of...

      program test
      integer i
      common i

...with and without the common statement at both -m32 and -m64.
The resulting lines in assign.s introduced by the use of
the common section are identical in both -m32 and -m64 compiles...

--- assign.s.nocommon   2006-08-19 10:45:59.000000000 -0400
+++ assign.s    2006-08-19 10:46:19.000000000 -0400
@@ -18,6 +18,11 @@
        .stabs  "void:t(0,1)",128,0,0,0
        .stabs  "",36,0,0,Lscope1-LFBB1
+.comm ___BLNK__,4
+       .stabs  "__BLNK__:G(0,2)=s4i:(0,3)=r(0,3);-2147483648;2147483647;,0,32;;",32,0,3,0
+       .stabs  "int4:t(0,3)",128,0,0,0
+       .stabs  "__BLNK__:G(0,2)",32,0,3,0
+       .stabs  "i:G(0,3)",32,0,4,0
        .stabs  "",100,0,0,Letext0
        .section __TEXT,__picsymbolstub1,symbol_stubs,pure_instructions,32

...however only the ld64 linker issues the "can't find atom for N_GSYM stabs i:G(0,3)"
complaint. I think this suggests a bug in ld64, no?

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