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ANNOUNCE: Gelato GCC Improvement on Itanium Workshop Summary, 7-8 August, Moscow Russia

A meeting of the Gelato GCC Improvement on Itanium Workgroup took
place August 7 & 8, 2006 in Moscow, Russia. The workshop was hosted by
the Institute for System Programming at the Russian Academy of
Sciences and was sponsored by Intel and HP.

Compiler experts from the GCC open-source community, Red Hat, SuSE,
Intel, HP, and the Gelato Member community discussed specific GCC
improvements for the Itanium platform. Several key areas were
identified to improve Itanium GCC performance.

Presentations from the workshop (all presentations can be found at
  *  An Architectural Overview of GCC, Diego Novillo 
  *  GCC RTL Backend, Steven Bosscher 
  *  The IA64 Backend in GCC, Jim Wilson 
  *  LTO in GCC, Ken Zadeck 
  *  LNO in GCC, Sebastian Pop 
  *  PDO in GCC, Jan Hubicka 
  *  Itanium Architecture and ICC Tutorial, Mark Davis 
  *  Performance Metrics & Measurement, Shin-Ming Liu 
  *  CERN Loops Dissected, Sverre Jarp 
  *  Alias Analysis in GCC, Diego Novillo 
  *  Software Pipelining in GCC, Vladimir Makarov 
  *  Data Prefetching in GCC, Zdenek Dvorak 
  *  Instruction Scheduling in GCC, Vladimir Makarov 
  *  Superblock Update, Robert Kidd 
  *  ISP RAS Scheduling Update, Andrey Belevantsev 

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