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Fwd: Hi Friends...

Hi Friends,
I was skimming through the code after downloading ....
gcc-core-4.1.1.tar.bz2, its really great to see!!! well i was on a
lookout for an option in gcc (basically a feature) since i couldn't
find, i thought i would "see" how gcc handles that, i have done the
code change in a very crude way but i was able to get what i wanted
and i want to contribute the same to the community so that every one
gets benefitted, i have downloaded a pdf version of coding standards
it will take some time for me to go through that :-) but before i go
through i wanted to know whether there can be a better way of doing
that... for these things whom should i contact ??? like if there is
any maintainer for the libcpp something that sort of, in my work i
have found out that to develop any good software a thorough
understanding of the process,  logic and benefits should be listed
down before we startoff so can anybody help me from where should i
start, who will approve the design who will review the code ? how will
be the testcase doc/results/man/info pages updated ? and how will the
code finally get checked in ??? how the build be done ? how is it
released ? finally I wanted to know eagerly how to join the open
source community ??? i couldn't find answers to these while i trying
to get FAQ ? Can anybody guide :-) ?
Raghavendra MB

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