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Re: Wannabe Contributor: Questions related to Dev Box setup and other issues

On Aug 15, 2006, at 6:11 PM, Mahafuzur Rahaman wrote:
1) Any advise on selecting Linux distro?

This is akin to asking ones religion. :-) We generally don't push religion around here... gnu.misc.discuss would be the usual place to discuss religious questions. Just select one and follow it, oops, I mean, load it...

You didn't ask what editor, but, be sure to use emacs. :-)

I will need to make sure that the change is OK for all target
platform where GCC can be compiled and used. How will
I ensure that while sitting on a specific platform?

You gotta use your brain here. It helps if you have experience writing portable code. For example, if you want to add a #include <>, don't, unless it is already included in another file of the same class. If you want to anyway, you'll have to know if it is portable and how to use autoconf if not. In the end, you'll write it, submit it, and others will let you know if it is (was) portable. For example, we run a builder on darwin that just checks out the top of the tree and builds it, and loops. If you break it, it will stop working and people will eventually track it down to you.

3) Do I need to follow any formal procedure to start
on a contribution item?

No. Though, letting people know you're going to start working on item X is at times nice. Others might have pointers/tip/tricks/code to share.

Also if I want to start with deleting garbage code
where most of the module owners will be needed to be
in closed loop how can I go about it?

We don't have any garbage code in gcc... ;-)

Just submit the patches as normal. If you want a more experienced person to review your plan, share the plan on the gcc list first.

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