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Re: libgomp: Thread creation failed: Invalid argument

On Tue, 15 Aug 2006, Asher Langton wrote:

> Tim Schmielau wrote on 08/15/06:
> > The problem appears for any OMP_NUM_THREADS value other than 1 (I tried
> > up to 8 on an 8-way machine).
> > Extracting a testcase from the 18.000 lines of code will probably require
> > some work, so I was looking for easier things to chek first. But I'll try
> > to do that, then.
> Are you using a lot of threadprivate variables?  Try setting the
> GOMP_STACKSIZE environment variable to a large value (in kB) and see
> if the problem persists.

That's it!
Yes, I do use a large set of threadprivate variables.

I tried different settings of GOMP_STACKSIZE before. However, I somehow 
didn't hit a working setting as I didn't know it was measured in kB.
The program now works on x86_64 with SETENV GOMP_STACKSIZE 1048576.
On i686 I do not find a working stacksize, as for too large stacksizes the 
program dies with a segfault. Wonder how PGI and ifort deal with the 
limited address space.

Thanks a lot!

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