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Re: [C frontend] Wtraditional / Wconversion and decimal float

On Mon, Aug 14, 2006 at 12:45:55PM -0700, Janis Johnson wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 14, 2006 at 06:30:26PM +0100, Manuel López-Ibáñez wrote:
> > 3) The above question may not have a sensible answer. It may be either
> > because decimal float "is a GCC extensions and thus not relevant to
> > traditional C compatibility", as it says in the gcc manual page about
> > Wtraditional and nested functions. Or because the behaviour is
> > undefined or not documented. Whatever the reason,  why we have code
> > (and a testcase!) to deal with this? Could I just remove them ? I am
> > preparing a patch to add support for decimal float in Wcoercion and
> > currently it removes that code and the testcase.
> As for testcase you showed that passes a float to a function with a
> prototype, it makes sense to me that it gets a warning for
> -Wtraditional.

I always feel so silly responding to my own messages.

It makes sense to have warnings about calls where default argument
promotions would have made a difference, but not for the calls in


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