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Re: type consistency of gimple

On Sun, 2006-08-13 at 12:55 -0600, Jeffrey Law wrote:
> Thus the existence of some implicit type conversions.  IIRC the 
> places where these occur or occurred at one time or we pondered
> allowing are:
>   1. MODIFY_EXPRs where the RHS can be implicitly converted to the 
>      type of the LHS and the types do not vary in size/mode or
>      signedness.  DOM probably makes more use of this than any
>      pass.

This still happens today.

>   2. I think we sometimes implicitly convert COMPONENT_REF expressions.
>      ie, the field we're accessing has some type X, but we want a result
>      in some other type Y.  Under certain circumstances we may access
>      the field in type Y.  I believe this occurs during gimplification.

This happens less and less.  Most of the problems with this are all
related to the front-end rather than the middle-end producing the trees
wrongly.  I have at least two bugs still out on the C++ front-end for
producing a cast instead of ADDR_EXPR/COMPONENT_REF.
PR 19816 and 19817.

Andrew Pinski

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