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Re: algol 60 for gcc

Hi Petr,

from my experience with copyright assignment and such, the best you
can do is to email and request a personal copyright
assignment for GCC. They will send you some forms and a copyright
disclaimer for your university. You print this copyright disclaimer,
and fill everything but the place where the university representative
must sign.

Then you go to the legal services of your university and tell them
that your diploma project involves working in a bigger project and in
order to do so, you must have that paper signed. If they hesitate,
makes them clear that the disclaimer only applies to the project and
the project is already freely circulating.  The trick is to explain a
bit at a time and no more than needed. If you try to explain free
software, GPL, GNU and everything else from the very beginning, they
will give you the look and tell you that they have to study it in

If they take some time to sign it, go there in person with the paper
in the hand and a pen and insist! In my case, the most difficult part
was not convincing them but finding who was the right guy and getting
him to listen. Once I got to the right guy and make him understand
that the paper only applies to work done for a particular project
(GCC) that is already freely circulating, he just signed it and forgot
about it.

Once the paper is signed, send it back to GNU (they explain you the
details) and you are done.

I hope this helps,


On 08/08/06, Petr Machata <> wrote:
Hi list!

I picked a diploma thesis assignment to implement a gcc frontend, and
document the process thoroughly. I chose Algol 60 as the language to
implement. There has already been one attempt to do Algol 60 frontend,
but it probably died:

From my investigation so far, it seems that there is not that much to
document, apart from "read this buch of links and you're basically done;
the rest changes so rapidly it doesn't make sense to document".  But the
assignment is in place, so I will do my best to create something worth
reading.  In particular, I was looking at GCC documentation assignments:
and I think my work could be useful for "fully document the interface of
front ends to GCC".

I'm trying to make the university to GPL the code and documentation, and
give up their copyright, so that it could be used without restriction,
but won't know the outcome until later this year.

gcc-algol project site is here, for those interested:


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