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Re: algol 60 for gcc

On 8/8/06, Petr Machata <> wrote:
Hi list!

I picked a diploma thesis assignment to implement a gcc frontend, and
document the process thoroughly. I chose Algol 60 as the language to
implement. There has already been one attempt to do Algol 60 frontend,
but it probably died:

From my investigation so far, it seems that there is not that much to
document, apart from "read this buch of links and you're basically done;
the rest changes so rapidly it doesn't make sense to document".  But the
assignment is in place, so I will do my best to create something worth
reading.  In particular, I was looking at GCC documentation assignments:
and I think my work could be useful for "fully document the interface of
front ends to GCC".

For the very first steps you may find the GCC hello world howto useful (

I'm trying to make the university to GPL the code and documentation, and
give up their copyright, so that it could be used without restriction,
but won't know the outcome until later this year.
I believe that the code must be GPL.

gcc-algol project site is here, for those interested:


Thanks for choosing GCC :-)


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