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GCC 4.2 Status Report (2006-06-16)

[Jakub, see below for question.]

There are presently 200 P3 or higher regressions open against 4.2.  We
remain in regression-only mode on the mainline.

I have half a mind to see if I can bribe AJH to lock everyone in the
conference hall until they have fixed at least 1 PR. :-)

I'm not sure the number above is in and of itself terribly meaningful,
in part because Volker has been filing many
ICE-on-invalid-after-error-message PRs against the C++ front end.  These
don't really even show up for users in releases, due to the "confused by
earlier errors" trick, so, although I've been marking these as P2, that
might actually be an overly high priority.  It offends my sensibilities
that we crash in these cases, but it's hard to argue there's a lot of
impact on users.

What I do consider meaningful is that there are 37 P1s.  Several of
these (25938, 26175, 26477, 27890, 27984) are low-hanging fruit
regarding to installation.  Jakub, I thought that you and I worked out a
plan for the libgomp configuration issues; did that patch get checked
in?  Can any of these PRs be closed?

Would folks please tackles some of the other P1s?  There are a number of
4.2-only regressions involving wrong-code and ICEs on valid code.

Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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