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comparing DejaGNU results

I wanted some mechanical way to compare the output of dejagnu runs
between releases, etc.  I asked a few people at the GCC Summit last year
what they used or knew about.  Not much came to light, so I ended up
writing something of my own.

It's a shell script I've been using on Linux with only trivial changes
since December.  The one tricky part was dealing with lines in the
results file that are identical.  I made the rash assumption that the
relative order wouldn't change between runs and that seems to hold.  The
script works well although it isn't blazingly fast.

My current version is attached.  If others find it useful I can
contribute it.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Typical invocation is something like: -v "" gcc-20060328.sum gcc-20060510.sum |less
for the first variation in the files, or -v arm-sim gcc-20060328.sum gcc-20060510.sum |less
for a specific variation.


Jim Lemke   Orillia, Ontario

Description: application/shellscript

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