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"Experimental" features in releases

- LeGeNdOfHyIp -


[4.1/4.2 regression]: Gcc -m64 -m32 passes --32 --64 to assembler

[Ada, or FC5?] Storage_Error stack overflow (or erroneous memory access)|

[Ada] Can't build revision 112801 of gcc trunk on cygwin: ada/env.c:312: undefined reference to `_clearenv'

[Ada] Integer repesentation in the Ada FE

[Ada] multilibbed implementation?

[Bug fortran/17298] Scalarization of non-elemental intrinsic: __transfer1 / Build failure

Re: [FYI] Building the whole Debian archive with GCC 4.1: a summary

[gnu.org #283065] Confirming the mailing of your assignment

[gomp] EH problems with OpenMP

[libgomp] weird problem with multilibbed libgomp...

[patch] duplicate convert_and_check in the c++ front end

Re: [patch] fix c++ on darwin

[ping] dwarf2out vs DWARF_DEBUG bug?

[RFA] Backporting fold improvements from 4.x to 3.x

[RFC] Ignore TREE_CONSTANT_OVERFLOW in integer_zerop

[RFH] negate_expr_p bug?

about f77/f90 and gcc

About some confusion to the GIMPLE grammar

About vtable generation on ia64

Re: adding nodes in a tree --(about function name mangling)

adding nodes in a tree --after GIMPLIFICATION, before SSA

Addressing mode in inline assembly

Any resolution to the C++ symbol conflict problems?

ARM gcc 4.1 optimization bug.

Boehm GC memory leak on Darwin

bootstrap failure on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Bug in gen_addr_rtx() in gcc4.1?

Bug with SSE on mingw32

Build report for gcc 4.1.0 on powerpc-apple-darwin8.5.0

build_x_binary_op (ARRAY_REF ?!

builtins for FPU rounding mode changes

C++ man pages?

C0ntent c0pu1ation

Re: Can't build gcc trunk (revision 112779) on sparc-linux: configure: error: jar program not found

Can't build gcc trunk (revision 112779) on sparc-linux: configure: error: jar program not found

Catching up on status reports

CC Lists [was Re: GCC Port (gcc backend) for Microchip PICMicro microcontroller]

Corrupt gcc-4.1.0

Crossed-Native Builds, Toolchain Relocation and MinGW

Re: Darwin long doubles and controlled rounding

detecting non-PIC in shared lib on Darwin?

duplicate_block weirdness

dwarf2 compiling problem

Fwd: error in variable dereferencing

Facing problem with bit fields, when i am compiling my code with GCC.

FAIL: tmpdir-g++.dg-struct-layout-1/t026 cp_compat_{x,y}_tst.o compile on sparc/sparc64 linux...

Flag of inline assembly ??

floating point fwaits for i386

Re: Front end best practice in GCC 4.1.0?


gcc 3.4.4 build fails on Solaris (SPARC): Unable to run C Compiled Programs

GCC 4.1 and R_PPC64_ADDR32 out of range

gcc 4.1 release

GCC 4.1 Status Report (2006-04-16)

GCC 4.1.0 doesn't generate DWARF 2 output for function arguments?

Gcc 4.2 miscompiles binutils on x86 and x86-64

GCC 4.2 Status Report (2006-04-19)

GCC Compiler Engineer job (I am not a recruiter)

GCC intrinsics for the MPC8540 architecture

Re: GCC Port (gcc backend) for Microchip PICMicro microcontroller

GCC port for V8-uRISC (8 bit CPU)

gcc representation of long double on ia32

Re: GCC SC request about ecj

gcc-4.0-20060406 is now available

gcc-4.0-20060413 is now available

gcc-4.0-20060420 is now available

gcc-4.0-20060427 is now available

gcc-4.1-20060407 is now available

gcc-4.1-20060414 is now available

gcc-4.1-20060421 is now available

gcc-4.1-20060428 is now available

gcc-4.2-20060401 is now available

gcc-4.2-20060408 is now available

gcc-4.2-20060415 is now available

gcc-4.2-20060422 is now available

gcc-4.2-20060429 is now available

gcc.gnu.org mirror (was: Update of mirrors web page)

gcc3.4.5: bug with inline on ppc405?

gimplification---gimple tree for C and C++

Re: GNU Pascal branch

Google SoC Project proposal: Wcoercion option

Gosh, GCC 3.4.6 does so exist...

H8300-elf Toolchain based on gcc-4.1 is not working on gdb-

Help with Windows DLL linking

i read that i should send here email

i386.md: operand 1 missing mode? (x86_movsicc_0_m1,gcc346,gcc41,gcc42)

i686-pc-linux-gnu bootstrap failure in unified tree on gdb/p-valprint.c

Idioms for byteswapping and unaligned memory access

ieeelib problems on gcc 3.4.6 with libm (newlib)

Ipa and CONSTRUCTOR in global vars

is libssp native only?

Is there Doc on level of C++ standard implementation (and what about 'export')?

Legitimacy of replacing divide-by-power-of-2 with right shifts.

libgcc2.c:382: internal compiler error: in prune_unused_types_update_strings, at dwarf2out.c:14009

libgomp -> MAINTAINERS

libstdc++ in a combined tree

The Linux binutils is released

LLVM 1.7 Release

Re: the loss of SET_TYPE

Maintainers and new contributions

make bootstrap results: gcc 4.0.3, i686-pc-cygwin (Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2)

Many failures in libstdc++ testsuite

Microchip GNU-CC PIC port - script licencing question..

mips-elf target

Multiple calls to __gcov_init

new bugzilla keyword: visibility

New test: Float_2.java

Oddity with REG_DEP_TRUE and subregs of multiword registers?

Open-source projects supporting GIMPLE

optimizing away parts of macros?

PIC for mcore


Possible configure problem in mainline?

Posts don't appear on the gcc mailing list...

preview of the tree-check pass (Re: gcc project)

Problem in function in-lining

Problem regarding canonicalization

Problems in cross compiling GCC

Re: Qemu and GCC-3.4 on powerpc

Question about build error

Question about gcc-lib and building on SPARC

A question about the VEC API

A question about tree-ssa-structalias.h.

question about treelang modification and debug

question regarding stack size for SPARC

Re: R_PPC_REL24 overflow

re hairiness

Release timeline: please include dates for GCC 4.2 and 4.3

Reload problem

Reloading Problems and Memory Addressing

Relying on precise integer calculation with double

Repository Write Access: A privilege or a right?


RFA: #line directives in generated files to aid debugging

RFC: ssa subvariables for complex types

Richard G. appointed libgcc-math maintainer

rs6000 cleanup alert

Re: Segment registers support for i386

Simplification of combine patterns with subreg and zero_extract

solaris 10 with x86 - problems with static initialization

Re: static array size

Suboptimal code generated for ?: as a condition

Successful gcc 4.0.3 build on alphaev68-dec-osf5.1bTru64(c,c++,f95,objc,java,treelang)

Successfully built and installed GCC 4.0.3 on Slackware 10.2

successfully removed the convert callback

Suggestion for GCC (C & C++) enhancement - static variable initialisation ordering

Summer of Code 2006

Summer Of Code Project Page

Summer of Code: proposal to participate with Partial Transitions

supporting finer grained -Wextra

To: ryan stutzman

Toolchain relocation

traverse the gimple tree

two powerpc mpc8548 crashes

unwind-dw2.c gthread_once SNAFU (Was: Re: RFA: generic threads support)

Update of mirrors web page

Updating a ssh key

Use of VARRAY in alias analysis

v850, dwarf2, too many fp-sp compensations?

Vector types and type conversions

Re: warning: initialization makes integer from pointer without a cast

What is the expected behavior of attribute nonnull for C++

why is libgcc_s.so.1 not executable?

Windows Unicode and GCC

Yara status on PPC (powerpc-darwin)

Re: {Spam?} Re: Vector types and type conversions

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